Stampa / Press

One of the most promising young harpists on the classical scene today.— Music Media Monthly (Rick Anderson) Sacchi

Mrs Sacchi invents a fascinating chapter of modern history of the harp. (La Repubblica)

…l’arpa /…the harp

Falling in Love “My approach to a relatively unusual instrument as the Harp happened by chance, as often

I am not yet able to decide between contemporary and tradition and I continuously switch from one side to the other. (Floraleda Sacchi)

Nuova Musica / New Music

Few things are exciting as the encounter with new pieces of music, born in collaboration with a composer or

Floraleda Sacchi’s harp lends itself particularly well to the minimalist logic of Philip Glass. (The Independent)

Riscoperte / Discoveries

Perhaps because I read too many Borges’ book, I am fascinated by libraries, old books and manuscripts. There is an

Sacchi delivers the best harp playing ever heard. (American Record Guide)

Trascrizioni / Arrangements

It’s fundamental for me to play the music I love. It happens, I love music not written for

Recital for Harp and iPad

“Electric Nature” è il nuovo concerto multimediale per arpa e iPad di Floraleda Sacchi. Il programma ha debuttato in apertura

Her attitude makes the works jump out at the listener with more gusto and interest than the typical harp recital. (Audiophile Audition)

“Duo de Charme” à Carthage

“Duo de charme”: con questa frase ed altre entusiastiche recensioni è stato battezzato il primo concerto pubblico del

Flora, a creature of another dimension who has stolen all the music of the world to play it in a new way, with curiosity and ability. (Acid Jazz)

Duo de Charme

“Duo de charme”: con questa frase ed altre entusiastiche recensioni è stato battezzato il primo concerto pubblico del

IX Festival del Cinema di Roma

IX Festival del Cinema di Roma – l’arpa c’è! Dopo la partecipazione (come compositore ed esecutore) nel film

A new Harp Concerto

Kojiki for harp and strings by Manuel de Sica. From Jan. 14, 2014 available also on Brilliant Classics CD. I. Prelude

Castelnuovo Tedesco Harp Concerto

10 maggio 2014, Floraleda Sacchi (arpa), ORT, Tito Ceccherini (direttore) Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco: Concerto Op. 93 for Harp Mov. 1-3

Boieldieu in Rome

Grande successo per il debutto a Roma il 15 dicembre 2013 di Floraleda Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma diretta

New CD: Hasselmans

A Romantic CD dedicated to the great Harp master and composer Alphonse Hasselmans. Floraleda Sacchi (Harp) Incanto e


A new album out on Sept. 1, 2013 featuring Floraleda with Antonella Ruggiero (Voice) and Piero Salvatori (Cello)