Insegnamento / Teaching

Floraleda is strongly committed to music education through various forms of master classes, workshops and lectures.

Past teaching/masterclass

Roma, Italy, Masterclass, Accademia degli Sfaccendati 2016

Kotor, Montenegro, Masterclass, Kotor Arts Academy 2016

Toronto, Canada, Masterclass, American Harp Society, 2015

Philadelphia, USA, Masterclass, American Harp Society, Presser Hall 2015

Roma, Italy, Masterclass, Accademia degli Sfaccendati 2015

Roma, Italy, Masterclass, Accademia degli Sfaccendati 2014

Flaine, France, Masterclass, Opus Arte 2014

Norcia, Italy, Masterclass, Umbria Classica 2013

Novi Sad, Serbia, Masterclass, Novi Sad Music Academy 2013

Longiano, Italy, Masterclass estive 2012

Biella, Italy, Masterclass, Palazzo Ferrero 2011

Bratislava, Slovakia, Masterclass, University of Music 2010

Walnut Creek USA, Masterclass, Harps etc Music Centre 2010

Santa Barbara,USA, Masterclass, American Harp Society 2010

Norman, USA, Masterclass, Oklahoma University 2010

Salt Lake City, USA Masterclass, Jewett Center, Westminister College 2009

Thousands Oaks, USA, Masterclass, American Harp Society Chapter 2009

New York, USA, Masterclass, New York University, Steinhardt Dept. 2009

Macerata, Italy, Masterclass, Camerino 2008

Cervo, Italy, Masterclass Associazione Arte Sonora 2008

Milano, Italy, Harp Professor, Associated Board of Royal Music Schools (ABRSM) 2004-2008

Parma, Italy, Guest Professor, Conservatorio A. Boito 2005-2006

Vancouver, Canada Masterclass, British Columbia University 2005

Erba, Italy, Masterclass, Accademia Europea di Musica 2003

Milano, Italy, Masterclass Victor Salvi Foundation, Salvi Showroom 2002

Erba, Italy,  Masterclass, Accademia Europea di Musica 2002

Firenze, Italy, Masterclass, Centro di cultura musicale di Sovigliana e Vinci 2001

Erba, Italy Harp Professor, Accademia Europea di Musica 2001-2002

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