CD Krumpholtz

Six Sonatas Op. 8 by Jean Baptiste Krumpholtz
for Flute & Harp

Sonata op. 8 n. 1
1. Allegro
2. Romance très lente
3. Allegro pastorale
Sonata op. 8 n. 2
4. Allegro
5. Romance (Largo)
6. Allemande
Sonata op. 8 n. 3
7. Allegro molto
8. Andantino
9. Rondo
Sonata op. 8 n. 4
10. Allegro poco mosso
11. Adagio
12. Rondo
Sonata op. 8 n. 5
13. Allegro
14. Romance
15. Tempo di minuetto
Sonata op. 8 n. 6
16. Adagio
17. Allegro molto

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”This disc is an eye- and ear-opener and positions Krumpholtz as the Vivaldi of the Harp: Loved by the public, revered by musicians and acclaimed by critics. His vivid, lively, spontaneous pieces full of energy and well-dosed melancholy woefulness merrit this comparison in every second and the Amadeus Duo add to this a dreamy sense of elevation. Their dense, deep and dynamic interpretation seems to stem not only from the score, but from an intuitive understanding of its spirit.”
T. Fischer, review for