Perhaps because I read too many Borges’ book, I am fascinated by libraries, old books and manuscripts. There is an exclusivity and a necessity of the human soul in the fight against oblivion to which I can not escape. Elias Parish Alvars (1999-today) I have often been called the world expert of this author rightly called by Berlioz […]

Floraleda Sacchi (Erard Harp, 1816) © 2009 Tactus 772801 “Floraleda Sacchi is an outstanding proponent of Sophia Corri Dussek. Her affection for the music is obvious, and her command of its challenges is formidable.” Steven E. Ritter, Fanfare Download Booklet Tracklist 1. Introduction & Waltz 2. French Air with Variations 3. Sonata op. 2 n. 1 in […]