Erik Satie

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The three famous Gymnopédies and Gnossiennes by Erik Satie played by Floraleda Sacchi on a harp tuned at 432Hz, are available on all major streaming platforms.
Although the Gymnopédies are often performed on the harp, this is the first 432Hz recording ever made. The detune in a tuning that is built with base two ratios (the proportion of life) gives a particular harmony and aura to these pieces.

Furthermore, the three Gymnopédies were recorded in double binaural system used for the recording. This type of recording has no artificial compression, equalization or effects. By merging two different “perspectives” (that of the sound perceived by the musician and what the performer wishes to be the sound perceived by the viewer) when listened to with headphones or a stereo, it gives the listener a perfect 3D reconstruction of the instrument.

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