Elias Parish Alvars
I have often been called the world expert of this author rightly called by Berlioz “the Liszt of the harp”. I was honored to have been able to specify many events in the chronology of his life and to give lectures on him even in Teignmouth (UK), his hometown, on the occasion of the bicentenary of his birth.
– a book “Elias Parish Alvars: Life Music, Documents” 1999, Odilia Publishing, 220 pages, 40 ill.
– his music still available through Ut Orpheus and Amadeus Arte
– some articles for Harpa, World Harp Congress Review and American Harp Society
– some scores found again as the one of Concertino Op. 34
– a website:

Jean Baptiste Krumpholtz
First edition and recording of 6 Sonatas Op. 8 Aulia (re-edited digitally for iTunes in 2011). The sonatas are very important for the close relationship with the concert of Mozart’s K. 299.

Sophia Giustina Corri Dussek
There are few women shining out in the history of music, even for an instrument such as the harp traditionally considered for women. Pianist, harpist, singer (she made her debut in London aged 14 accompanied by Haydn) and composer, Sophia was a woman of genius and charisma with an independence uncommon at that time.
– 2 CDs published by Tactus (TC772801) and Amadeus Arte (AA11003) with the major works for solo harp and harp and piano
– 2 articles for the World Harp Congress Review (Spring-Autumn 2009)
– Various lectures including one recorded by American Harp Society
– All of the major works for harp published by Ut Orpheus

Reynaldo Hahn
After years of research in 2011 I was lucky enough to finally find the manuscript of Prelude, Valse et Rigaudon by Reynaldo Hahn. This concertino for chromatic harp and string orchestra might seem insignificant, but instead it is important as it is the twin piece of famous Danses sacrée et profane by Debussy. The pieces were commissioned at the same time, for the same competition and they work perfectly together (the two composers were, by the way, friends).

Alphonse Hasselmans
Each instrument has its virtuosos/composers. One of the most well-known for harp (also because of his great influence as a teacher) is definitely Hasselmans. Cultured and refined, he entered the musical élite of the Paris fin de siècle, but he was later only known for a couple of compositions regularly performed in concert even today. It seems incredible, but mine was the first CD completely dedicated to his seductive music.
– A CD with all the major concert works for Brilliant Classics (94625)



Urtext / Arrangements

J.S. Bach Toccata e fuga in D minor BWV 565 Ut Orpheus, ISMN: 979-0-2153-1831-1

J.S. Bach: Prelude BWV 846, Menuets BWV 114-115, Badinerie BWV 1067

J.S. Bach: Arioso BWV 1056, Tempo di Borea BWV 1002

The Baroque Harp (antologia) Ut Orpheus, ISMN: 979-0-2153-1896-0

S. Corri Dussek Main Works for solo Harp (antologia) Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1828-1

D. Paradisi: Toccata

G. Rossini Tre arie da Soirée Musicales Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2014-7

F. Schubert Drei Lieder Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2014-7

E. Parish Alvars Illustrazioni della poesia italiana op. 97 Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1965-3

E. Parish Alvars Fantaisie sur des motifs italiens op. 57 Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2015-4

E. Parish Alvars Ricordi di Napoli (antologia) Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2019-2

E. Parish Alvars Scenes of my Youth (antologia) Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2020-8

E. Parish Alvars Travel of a Harpist in the Orient op. 62 Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2013-0

E. Parish Alvars A Collection of easy pieces (antologia) Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2012-3

E. Parish Alvars Souvenirs of German Poetry Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2016-1

E. Parish Alvars Danse des feés & Reverie Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2018-5

E. Granados Album (antologia) Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1830-4

I. Albeniz Album (antologia) Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1829-8

E. Lecuona: Zambra Gitana

G. Fauré Après un rêve Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-13-1

G. Puccini Crisantemi Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-68-1

O. Respighi Intermezzo-Serenata Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-14-8

O. Respighi: Intermezzo Serenata for Harp

A. Vivaldi Sonate RV9 e RV 40, per Flauto e Arpa Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1970-7

A. Marcello Concerto Op. 5 N. 2, per Oboe e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-78-0

G.P. Telemann Sonata in A min., per Oboe e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-76-6

J. Pachelbel: Canon in D Solo Harp and Harp Duet

W.A. Mozart Adagio & Rondo K.617, per Arpa e Quart. d’archi Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1964-6

G. Paisiello Sonata, per Flauto e Arpa Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1968-4

E.T.A. Hoffmann Quintette, per Arpa e Quart. d’archi Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1948-6

N. Paganini Cantabile MS 109, per Violino e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-12-4

C.M. Weber Invitation a la Valse, per Pianoforte e Arpa Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-2017-8

Lafont/Czerny L’Espagnole, per Violino e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-29-2

Genin/Verdi Fantasia “La Traviata”, per Flauto e Arpa Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1969-1

F. Liszt Am grabe Richard Wagners, per Arpa e Quart. d’archi Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1949-3

Doppler/Zamara Casilda Fantasia, per Flauto e Arpa Ut Orpheus. ISMN: 979-0-2153-1967-7

M. Ravel Pavane, per Flauto/Violino/Oboe e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-72-8

M. Ravel Adagio form Piano Concerto in Sol, Vl. e Arp. Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-32-2

G. Fauré Pavane, Flauto/Violino/Oboe e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-77-3

J. Massenet Meditation, Flauto/Violino/Oboe e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-33-9

E. Grieg Peer Gynt Suite, Flauto/Violino/Oboe e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-45-2

R. Leoncavallo 11 Romanze, per Soprano e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-75-9

G. Puccini 4 Arie da Camera, per Soprano e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-74-2

A. Ramirez: Alfonsina y el mar (Violin, Harp)

A. Piazzolla: Tristontango y Libertango for Harp

A. Piazzolla: Invierno y Primavera Portenas for Harp

O. Respighi Serenata, Valse, Notturno, per Violino e Arpa Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-46-9

F. Tarrega: Tango (Violin, Harp)

C. Gardel: Por una Cabeza (Violin, Harp)

F. Sacchi Accompagnamento orch. per Salzedo: Dances Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-47-6

F. Sacchi Accompagnamento orch. per Handel: Passacaglia Amadeus Arte. ISMN: 978-88-95450-73-5

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