Mágica y Misteriosa album is out!

montero magicaymisteriosa

The new album of Claudia Montero, an extraordinary international composer with 2 Latin Grammy awards, presents two concertos that will soon become essential in the panorama of current classical music. The album was recorded in Prague with The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra, the international soloists Floraleda Sacchi (Harp), Maria Isabel Siewers (guitar) and the direction of Lucia Zicos.

“My new production including “Mágica y Misteriosa” a concerto for Harp and string Orchestra, completes my creative corpus of Strings with Strings and I want to invite you to see through them a little more of me, to discover where the lights and shadows are, the magic and the mystery… Dreams come true, this happens when your dream is intense and you struggle to achieve it”.
Claudia Montero

After dedicating to Claudia Montero Evocaciones, an album with solo pieces for Harp, Floraleda records this new Harp Concerto. Composed for her by Claudia and premiered live in 2017, this concerto gets into a new edition for this special recording. 

In the last years, this is the 3rd harp concerto premiered by Floraleda. In 2013 was the turn of “Slovo O (A word about)” by Peter Machajdik, in 2014 “Kojiki” by Manuel de Sica (on CD for Brilliant Classics) and Claudia Montero’s “Mágica y Misteriosa Buenos Aires”.

Claudia Montero. Mágica y Misteriosa.
Concierto para arpa y cuerdas. II. Molto espressivo.
Floraleda Sacchi(harp) Lucía Zicos (dirección) The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra.


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