Machajdik: Inside the Tree


A CD dedicated to the minimalistic and intense music by Peter Machajdik.

Floraleda Sacchi (Harp), Piero Salvatori (Cello), Peter Machajdik (Electronics).

© 2011 Amadeus Arte, Cat. No. AAP11003



1. She will be picked by herself
2. In Situ: 1. The forest woke up in your memory
3. In Situ: 2. The Bark of Touch
4. In Situ: 3. On a hidden waterfall
5. In Situ: 4. Roots
6. In Situ: 5. The breath of the branches
7. In Situ: 6. The abandoned water wells
8. In Situ: 7. Silently growing
9. In Situ: 8. In the pupation
10. In Situ: 9. Inside the tree
11. On a Misty Horizon
12. Nell’autunno del suo abbraccio insonne