Series Noir


Series, Soundtrack and Noir Stories: this can summarize the new album by Floraleda Sacchi  (Harp) and Damiano Grandesso (Sax).
Series Noir is a collection of celebrated soundtracks from popular films, TV and web series with original arrangements which include a subtle use of electronics, colouring this album with an especially engaging patina.




01. Dark Knight / Batman

02. Chevaliers de Sangreal / The Da Vinci Code

03. The Meadow / Twilight

04. Day One / Interstellar

05. Blood Theme / Dexter

06. London Calling / Star Trek

07. Lost Blood / The Danish Girl

08. On Reflection / Black Mirror

09. Departure / The Leftovers

10. The Rains of Castamere / Game of Thrones

11. Embers / The Golden Age

12. Façades / Koyaanisqatsi

13. This Bitter Earth / Shutter Island

14. Vocalise / The Ninth Gate